Since 2001 we have provided services for a wide range of business. Growers can choose how they want to access our services, but in the end we are all striving to enhance their productivity – now and into the future.

Precision Ag Consulting

Do you want to build a successful Precision Agriculture business, then we have a ‘franchise like’ system that will help you.

While you start up and focus on delivery of analysis and solutions, PCT will look after the data processing and quality control to make sure you’re delivering the best products.

Then, once you have that piece established we will teach you go it alone and make sure you know data as well as we know data.


You know you don’t have time to do it all yourself.
We are experts just like you and want to provide the growers with the absolute best solutions available.

We work with you to make sure your clients move forward.
You and your clients have a lot of choice of platforms these days but only one comes with the most knowledge in spatial data and management.


PCT Services can supply services directly to growers with their own agronomy staff.
It suits corporate farms but we also deal directly with many innovative and early adopter growers.

Tell us your story and we can show you how to solve your technology implementation blues.

OEM Dealerships

Do you sell technology products and need a partner to make your customers data sing.
PCT will help you make your customers life easier and improve your relationship with those customers.

Chances are the tools the OEM provides you are not adequate.

We can help you.

Team PCT

The PCT Services team are always available to assist.

Michael Wells

Michael has been in precision ag for 20 years and a partner in PCT companies for 12. Michael takes care of some of the larger farming companies implementing technology in difficult soils and farming systems. Michael's attention to detail is making sure the corporate boards see the value in spatial data management.

Nick Barton

Nick has been involved in PA for 20 years. Working in on farm agronomy and research on corporate farms and then joining PCT in 2013. Nick was using the first cotton yield monitors and Specterra Airborne imagery back as far as 1998. Nick is the go to person for NSW and QLD dryland and irrigation customers.

Jay Carrol

Jay is new to PCT and has 15 years in surveying and drainage design. Jay is based in our Moree office but travels regularly to advise and assist people with their landforming requirements. Jay can also assist you with training in T3RRA Design software. Landforming software from Precision Terrain Solutions.

Ned Skehan

Ned is fresh out of University and is currently chief gator driver collecting EM, Gamma and Elevation. Ned is currently learning all there is to know about precision ag and landforming from the rest of the team. Keep an eye out for him on the road as he does a fair amount of travelling on the east coast.

Luke Pesek

Luke is based in Nebraska and comes from a on farm agronomy and precision specialist background. Luke is responsible for supporting a range of US customers, from specialist PA businesses, John Deere Dealers and Co-ops, Luke stays very busy helping people do PA the right way first.

We have a job for you.

PA Specialist in California

Are you our next employee in North America? We are looking for a dynamic self motivated person. Have you just graduated and looking for a challenge, do you want to learn precision agriculture from the #1 team and help growers implement data solutions properly? Send your resume to

Have you got something to offer?

Like what we do? Want to be part of the team? Send us your resume & tell us why you should be our next employee!


All pricing is approximate and you should talk to your nearest provider.


  • Yield Processing
  • SataMap (Landsat & Sentinel)
  • Basic Variability Analysis

Pro Dryland

  • Planting Processing
  • SataMap (Landsat & Sentinel)
  • Yield Processing
  • Multi Layer Analysis
  • Rx Field/Trial design
  • Training and Support


  • All production data processing
  • SataMap (Landsat & Sentinel)
  • Optional high res imagery
  • Multi Layer Analysis for soil and drainage
  • Rx Field/Trial design & analysis
  • Training and support
  • Optional landforming design

Base Layers

  • 4 Depth Dual EM
  • Elevation
  • Optional Gamma Radiometrics


Frequently Asked Questions

A handful of the questions that may help you get started.

What type of farming are PCT Services applicable to?

Horticulture including tree crops, to grains and cotton we can do it all for you.

When is the best time to start?

Start collecting yield as soon as you can and we can help you understand the variability and causes.

Soil variability is best measured using Electromagnetic and Gamma Radiometrics along with strategic soil samples.

Elevation is easily obtained from any RTK steering system or when we do the soil survey.

We can analyse and interpret all you data and get you moving forwards.

We can also then start to include remotes sensing for incrop management (thats what it should be used for).

Will you share my data with third parties?

No, we value your privacy and are not in the business of selling data.

How safe is my data with PCT?

This is our highest priority, so we use multiple levels of security to protect, encrypt and provide multiple backups of your data.

What are you doing for my farm?

Its a great question. PCT take a holistic approach to data in agriculture and its use.

You want results and we understand that. However, we want you to invest in good science, good data, and best farming practices.

You need to look at how we can improve your bottom line in each crop but also how we improve the value of your asset.