Data processing and quality control.

Yes data can be surfaced automatically but does that mean the people writing software actually know about spatial data, the problems the sensors have, the problems that operators create, and the difference between mechanical and natural features. Of course they don’t and they rely on the fact you don’t know either.

At PCT we are experts in spatial data processing. We know some data can be automatically processed, e.g. planting and application date -WYSIWYG.

However, yield and soil data are not always accurate straight off the monitor. In fact, it’s fair to say the majority isn’t correct so it best to assume that none of it is correct.

Example Layers

PCT uses high end processing providing by PCT Agcloud. Read More about PCT agcloud web based system including data management cleaning and processing tools.

Here are some examples of why quality control matters to our customers.

Sensor drift in Electromagnetic surveys.

The left image has non natural features. Now lets fix the sensor latency, add some drift control and observe the results.

Now you have a corrected and clean survey and therefore a higher degree of confidence in your decisions made from this data.



Multi Machine Cotton Yield

Multiple machines for  spatial data collection always proves difficult especially in cotton. Cotton Yield monitors are very sensitive to moisture variation and cotton lint is very good at changing its moisture content during the picking hours.

The image on the left is the raw data – 3 machines. The image on the right is the fully automated corrected data. Which do you prefer? Are you using other less advanced software, we can correct it for you so you can continue use the lessor capable products.