Drainage: Irrigation


PCT offers design solutions for your irrigation needs; from the supply of water to the field through to drainage away from the field.

PCT can use the data from your RTK tractor, RTK GPS or LiDAR. We will look at the area to be worked and design a solution that best suits.

If you’re looking alternative designs (Bankless vs syphon for example) we can provide design options to suit.

Want to move minimum dirt, and fill in the depressions? We can do a multigrade design that is aligned with your farming direction and have a minimum and maximum grade. This reduces cut depths, but also reduces dirt movement by up to 60%

If you’re re-leveling a field we will look at the yield data versus existing slopes to help determine if the field could be changed cost effectively.

PCT can provide paper plans of designs or machine control files for T3RRA CUTTA or Trimble. We can also provide the design in a 3D file that can be viewed online to show how the design will look. If you like to see your designs in PCT-agMap or Google Earth, we can provide the files needed from our design software.

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