Which variety performed best? Can you trust the data?


We can assess all the varieties planted on a field, farm or farms – even all fields for a group of growers.

The first question you need to ask though is how valid are the results. Was the yield data post calibrated to be accurate, had a calibration occurred when varieties changed – were varieties correct, what management strategy was it under (irrigation, optimised irrigation or dryland – hope and pray,  basically at the end of the day are you comparing apples with apples. There is a really good chance the only variety trial to trust is your own. Your trials are under your management and agronomy with many other variables. This is a case where you would think ‘big data’ has value but on a small portion of the data has any quality control.

Our advice is do you own and make decision relative to you data. PCT design and independently deliver the results. Is your data independent.

We can also compare varieties by soil and terrain variables. In fact we can analyse all field trials quickly and easily for you.

Below is a simple variety by yield graph for a number of corn fields. Below is the cost benefit and Maximum opportunity.